Gambling Tutorial: What E-Sports Games Are Best for Beginners

E-sports games are starting to become like traditional casino games. We can see its popularity skyrocketing these past few years, which is suitable for the casino industry. This movement also attracted a different demographic of gamblers who don't have experience from playing at all.

These people are mostly those that are playing video games that are in many e-sports games offering. We'll be talking about the three best selection to play in online betting websites.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Brilliant Gameplay

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or better known as CS: GO, is a tactical first-person shooter which gameplay relies on team play and strategy. It also created a competitive scene that is still alive today.

Betting in the fantasy mode of this video game is very easy and only requires your luck to win. You may also use several prediction tools and strategies to try and win, but your funds are still in the hands of the players involved. Even so, you may experience different types of bets here; some have undergone modifications to suit the taste of newcomers.

CS: GO is still one of the most enjoyable and thrilling to watch among the top e-sports games.

League of Legends: Most Popular E-Sports Game of the Decade

When it comes to the actual e-sports industry, nothing beats the king that is League of Legends, aka LoL. It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that is playable with up to 10 players. Each team is composed of five members, and everyone must work together to destroy the base of the enemy team.

The formula and the concept of this video game are perfect for fantasy e-sports betting. Predicting teams who might win might not involve sheer luck because you can understand their team compositions; therefore, you may deduce what team had the highest chance of winning.

Like it or not, League of Legends is the one who elevated e-sports games to another level, and by that, it deserves more respect.

DOTA 2: High Stake Offerings With Easy to Follow Gameplay

Defense of the Ancients 2 or DOTA 2, in short, is another MOBA that shares the same concept with League of Legends. Things may, however, differ in gameplay because many in-game elements could easily change the whole course of the game.

That said, it offers a more diverse betting option that enables players to gamble by a lot. Higher stakes are also observable when playing this particular game, so if you're in for that, we highly recommend that you learn how DOTA 2 works right away.

E-sports may be challenging to understand, especially for those who aren't that tech-savvy or aren't gamers. But even so, we can't deny the industry's popularity, and how much it affects the whole scene of online gambling in general. It is also one of the sectors that put in a lot of money in the economy of the United States and those regions that host e-sports events as well.

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